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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cricketers in Hiding

Football - much safer to watch with my clan, in the sitting room. No conflicts there. Liverpool is playing disastrously, my daughter says - I agree. We support Liverpool and they have been down the spout for a while now. Carroll is a £ one-million buy, not thirty, she moans. Well, 4 -1 defeat by Totters says more about the whole team, not just Carroll. What do I know? She wants neither Man U nor Chelsea to win the game that is going on. So a draw? I ask. No, she wants Man U to be beaten because they are top of the league right now. Oh Boy! The girl's got her knickers - and her socks - in a twist.

Now the last one -day game of cricket, India against England, was another matter. India lost after chalking up 303. That requires real dedication and committed bad bowling. And where are they hiding? Bajji, Khan, all those stalwarts. Never mind, I tell myself. India probably needed a lesson in humility. May be me too.

But - Selectors, India is humungous. There must be good bowlers there if you could just look beyond the usual haunts - the top colleges and schools. Try my village, Kodiyeri, next time. Or even Cunnore if you must stick to the A roads.

The fish food is really good there, I am told.

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  1. Good post! Dhruv will be happy to note the Liverpool connection - he is always moaning their performance but his support never wavers .....Yes, Man U needs to lose....the world hates a winner!

    And, you are spot on about cricket - whitewash may sound racist - it was exactly that......and no trace of being the winners they were just a few months ago. But Duckworth Lewis were never friends with our Captain Cool - I can't remember him ever winning when their unique formula gets applied......Cunnore (as you spell it) should have the fast bowlers....after all, Colin Cowdrey displayed his bowling skills there, isn't it?