Boo boo in select company

Boo boo in select company
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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Calling Time on May-hem's Tories.

I came to the U K in 1967, for the first time. My husband and I, together with two sons and an 18-month-old daughter were coming away from Eastern Nigeria in a hurry. The Biafran civil war was getting uncomfortably close, and the harassed government in Enugu could not protect us. The British Government advised us to leave, pronto. They gave us a visa in all of 24 hours and we landed at Heathrow on a May morning, my birthday it was.

   My little girl was sick, so we took her straight to the Paddington Green Hospital as soon as we had dumped our suitcases in the dilapidated bed-and-breakfast room we had booked on Edgeware Road.

   The infant had high fever and she was not eating. The hospital took her in and arranged a room downstairs for me to stay in the night. I would wander up in the night to the ward where she slept and stay with her.

   It was a urinary infection and she got better soon. Now, I thought, there was the hospital bill to pay and I dreaded the sight of it. When I went up to the cash-counter to pay, the woman smiled. 'Nothing to pay,' she said looking at my worried face.

   I thought the NHS then (in 1967) was a service for any country to be proud of, and I have not changed my mind since. It is still a wonder of the world. We can't let the Tories dismantle it piece by piece and hand it over to the businessmen to profit on.

   All of us have sick people, old people, and the disabled in our families and amongst our friends. We can't allow the cold-blooded Tories throw our precious health-care away. It took a long time building.

   Let's call time on a government that has no compassion. NOW!

Friday, 28 April 2017


I am sure many people feel as I do - frustrated, angry and disbelieving, as the Tories treat the electorate with contempt, refusing to tell us what their plans are for education, health, taxation and other issues. 
   We get snippets: triple lock on pensions to go, grammar schools threatening to aggravate already burgeoning inequality of talent and opportunity, NHS to be slowly destroyed, sold off to private enterprise or just cut to pieces.
   So this is my little voice trying to reach the befuddled electorate. I intend to write one short blog and copy it to twitter and Facebook every day till June 8th.
   We can't let the MAY-hem destroy our future. Please share with all your friends and whichever part of the electorate you can reach. WE CAN DO IT as a very good and great American President said.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Bully Boys

Two bully boys, equally ignorant and fixated on themselves, facing off at each other on the school playground. Let's hope somewhere in the background there are a few wise men and women holding them back.
   One shows off his Mother-of-all Bombs, the other watches his army goose-step with all his metal on show.
   And where is the Headmaster in Turtle Bay doing meanwhile? Keeping Schtum. When did this person get so emasculated? The boys show off their muscle in Pyongyang and Afghanistan and the headmaster looks away. He has no answers.
   The press thinks it is a news bonanza for them. They lost touch with reality a long time ago.
   Let's hope our PM will stay away from this playground fight.