Boo boo in select company

Boo boo in select company
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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Royal Event - never mind the election

The Royal baby has arrived or, as my son might have said, 'She's dropped the sprog.'There is of course nothing else for us British to get excited about today. Forget the election, which will affect the lives of millions. Today we shall hear, nauseatingly frequently, about the bloody royal girl.

   And did you know, the simpering, media say, 'She's only been in in labour for three hours.' Bless her. Quite an achievement that, having a baby - no other woman has managed this in the century! Not even the tea pickers in Assam who squat amid the tea bushes, have their babies, and then move on to the next tea bush.

   I would not want to deny Nicholas Winchell his brief moment in the limelight - but for heaven's sake, we don't see the bruiser, George (so far, a journalist said, we've seen him twice in his lifetime.) and we shan't see this little baby girl probably till she joins her aunt in her escapades at the age of twenty+.

   We pay for this lot! I shall wait to see this girl on a royal tour down under. If I wish to see pictures of her, which I don't. The food banks sit heavily on my conscience. This is an affluent country in spite of five years of the Cameron- Osbourne merry-go-round, but there are many families who can't afford decent food, new shoes,books for their families. And the sickening sight of media drooling over the royal baby is driving me to language I don't normally use.

   To be honest the fourth estate have a lot to answer for - the way they twisted facts to support the Tories.

 And of course, there will now be a sudden spurt  of support for Cameron. Kate could not have timed it more conveniently for the Conservatives. Question: why is the royal family associated with the posh people all the time?

   If this country votes the Cameron lot in again on the 7th, they deserve what they get. My family, incontestably middle-class, have done quite well out of the Tories. Except we don't vote for them. They do nothing for the mute poor. I think people like us should pay more taxes, not less.